Friday, July 24, 2009


Baby #2 has officially made it further than Iain. 35 weeks 3 days today and at 11:11 am I was still pregnant...and still am, for that matter.

My parents left for MI this afternoon. We already miss them. It was a tremendous blessing to have them here with us, and Iain just blossomed with all the attention with which he was showered.

I'm afraid there's not much left to report.

The finishing touches are quickly being put into place around the house. Mom did an amazing job with the downstairs curtains - trimming and sewing them to the necessary sizes for each window. Thank you!!! I look forward to Mark putting in the curtain rods and officially being done with yet another "touch". They really do cozy up the place. :)

Well, Iain's (finally) asleep for the night and Mark has just returned from picking up a movie (or someone has broken into our home and is walking around upstairs...) So, this pregnant mama, who is eagerly awaiting the experience of the ninth month of pregnancy, is going to go. Ciao.

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Bounty said...

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