Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Mark, Iain and I enjoyed a wonderful Triduum. As the Easter Vigil began, Mark and I marveled at the fact that at last year's Vigil, Iain didn't even exist. What an amazing miracle life is!

Iain is a pretty predictable baby, and though I knew his need to eat was going to roughly coincide with the beginning of the Vigil, I was very thankful that he held off fully waking (and briefly screaming) until well after the wonderous pitch-black silence, Procession of the Easter Candle, and Easter Proclamation (one of the most beautiful parts of the Vigil, in my opinion).

Here's Iain in his Easter outfit, Sunday morning. :)
My parents are in town for the week, and Iain has been soaking-in his many hours in Grandma's arms.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Guess what, more pictures

I'm a sucker for cute pictures of my son. Mark just took these and I had to post them.

Iain in his just-found-out-it-fits-now sporty sweatshirt/pants outfit.

Fr. Iain giving us his Good Friday blessing. (Though from the look on his face, it appears it might not be a blessing so much as a gift he's about to give to his mom.)

Iain's first Good Friday

I'm afraid my posts are getting pretty boring, if you're not into baby pictures. There's not too much to blog about, at the moment.

Iain surprised me last night, and is making my Good Friday the last great hurrah of Lent, by needing to eat every 2 hours (usually he has at least one 3-4 hour stretch at night). I guess he's a growing boy. I think he's trying to make those adorable cheeks just a little more pinchable before Grandma and Grandpa arrive, tomorrow. :)

Compare the following two pictures:
Iain in the hospital, 2 days old:
Iain at home, almost 2 months old:
Do babies get any sweeter than this?:
I promise, his face isn't really this red; I guess the couch brings out the pink in him!:

Monday, March 17, 2008

More Pictures

"Ooooh, Dad, look at that light!"

"Look, I match the couch..."
"...I hate matching!"

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tummy Time!

Iain is finally awake enough to get in a bit of all-important "tummy time". He doesn't last all that long, and doesn't seem to particularly enjoy it, but hey, he's only 2 weeks old (adjusted age).

My sleepy boys. :) Mark would like you to notice that he's not wearing his Detroit shirt in this picture, for a change. See previous pictures of Mark and you'll see what he means.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Worth the Hype

Following in the footsteps of friends, I'm writing a "Worth the Hype" post, because, well, I think this product is definitely deserving.

Realizing that Iain is definitely a snuggler, and fearing he'd end up with a permanently flat head and be an unhappy baby if I didn't find some way to carry him while still being able to get stuff done, I set out to find an adequate solution.

-I tried a front-pack carrier: not adjustable enough, so too much room between me and Iain and it felt like wearing luggage, oh and it hurt my shoulders after 1/2 an hour with a then-7-lb baby!
-I tried a sling: way too awkward, uncomfortable and Iain HATED it.
-I tried the Moby Wrap: Instant love! It kept him snuggled close and distributed his weight so well that he felt nearly weightless!

What is it? Basically a huge piece a material that you wrap around yourself in certain ways and then slip baby in. It's like a dream come true! ...did I mention I'm a fan?

We bought one and I can't get enough of it! I made dinner, I washed dishes AND I took a little snooze (see picture) all while "wearing" my very content baby.

You'll notice we opted for a nice masculine color...or not. :) We figured I had to enjoy wearing it, and I'm ok with answering questions about my baby girl; it's not like they'd spell his name right, anyway. :)

Friday, March 7, 2008


I can hardly believe it, I actually got a full 8 hours of only-briefly-interrupted sleep last night. Iain went to bed at 1 am, got up at 5, went down with no complaining (!!!) at 5:40 and slept until 9:30! WOW!!! I feel like a human being, who'da thunk?!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Better picture

Here's a better picture. Please pardon the baby acne; I think it's finally starting to go away. Regardless, isn't he BEAUTIFUL?! (Sorry, I know, I'm gushing over my own baby. Stereotype me if you wish, but I'm smitten!)

Look how big our little guy is getting! :)

This is a picture of Iain's "Zero Day" celebration. Thank you, to Eva Claire for the inspiration. We already had a dinner planned with friends of ours for Feb. 29th, which technically was a day after his due date. Since I brought dessert (my favorite: flourless chocolate cake, YUM!) we turned dessert into a little celebration for Iain. :)

Here he is, 5 and a 1/2 weeks old, and HUGE! I'm guessing he's probably about 9.5 lbs. It's hard to believe how much he's grown in the last month! (Note: he's MUCH cuter in person, and in fact, I got a picture that actually looks like him, but it was blurry. :( Something about the lighting, I think, but boy is he a heartbreaker in person!)