Thursday, June 14, 2007

Introducing the next Julia Child...

...Before I get to that, get out your calendars because we're heading to Michigan, hurray! Mark and I will be in Ann Arbor, and surrounding region, from June 24-July 4, driving back on the 5th. We, esp. me, would love to see long-lost friends, babies old and new, family, etc. Please let us know if you'll be around while we are so I can make sure we see you!

Now, for the really important news... I like to putz around in the kitchen and occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised by how something turns out. Today, I managed to create the easiest, healthiest, cheapest snack known to mankind. I thought I'd let you all in on my little secret. I must admit, I have a nagging feeling that I'm not the first to have discovered this, but as I haven't done an internet search on it, I feel justified claiming it as my own invention: "Homemade" Hummus.


-1 can of garbanzo beans, aka chick peas, drained and rinsed
-A couple/few tablespoons of your favorite savory salad dressing. Our current fav. is "Kraft Roasted Red Pepper Italian with Parmesan dressing"
-Triscuits, or some other whole-wheat-crispy-something


-Mash/blend/puree garbanzo beans to desired smoothness
-Add dressing, stir, add more to desired consistency
-dip Triscuits and enjoy!