Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Takes Updates...

1. Iain has hit "the terrible ones" to quote a friend of mine. He's still not walking, but he's perfecting his furniture-walking and has also amazed us with his go-go-gadget arm reach! He keeps me on my toes, my home neater-than-normal, and my worri-o-meter at a higher level than it's been since his really early days.

2. The house is progressing, though since the initail whirlwind of demolition, it's been more on paper than anything else. We're in the process of collecting multiple bids on each and every project that we're not doing ourselves. We haven't been procrastinating, but it's too boring of a story to explain why this had to wait until now.

3. I never cease to be amazed at God's provision for us, and this house is a continually blossoming example of that. What I mean is, when we bought this house, we looked at our budget and what we wanted to do/change to the house. Since then, our resources for this renovation project have literally doubled and God's provision and plan for our house has become ever clearer each day. Things we would never have dreamed of have fallen in our laps. This house is a testament to me that we can't dream big enough to match God's plan for us.

4. Please keep baby #2 and me in your prayers. So far I feel great and if you didn't see my bloodwork, everything looks like it's progressing perfectly. Having said that, because Iain arrived a month early, my OB started checking my pregnancy hormone (progesterone) again at my last appointment. The results were not entirely surprising considering my history, but the level was about half of what they would like to see. As a result, I'm back on progesterone shots 2x/week. Additionally, she will be doing a particular test at each appointment that apparently can predict with 90% accuracy whether or not I'll deliver in the next 2 weeks. Based on that test, she'll decide what, if any, activity restrictions I should be on. I feel confident that my doctor is doing an excellent job caring for me and giving me the best chance of carrying this baby to term.