Friday, March 21, 2008

Guess what, more pictures

I'm a sucker for cute pictures of my son. Mark just took these and I had to post them.

Iain in his just-found-out-it-fits-now sporty sweatshirt/pants outfit.

Fr. Iain giving us his Good Friday blessing. (Though from the look on his face, it appears it might not be a blessing so much as a gift he's about to give to his mom.)


Mark said...

Iain, you are sooooooooooo cute!!! You take after your mom, for sure.

Meghan said...

Keep posting pictures!! Baby pictures are so fun to look at, especially when they are as cute as yours!!

Maggie&Suzie said...

Dear Iain, you are soooooo cute! and getting soooooo fat, tell your mom she must be doing good work. Here's the thing, I can't come visit till late spring or early summer, but in the meantime, keep growing and keeping your parents out of trouble (and definitely out of a good night's sleep).
Love you munchkin!
Aunt Weenie