Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Iain is nearly 10 months, already! This past month has definitely been the most fun, so far. Iain is becoming more interactive, his babbling is increasing, he's eating more, he's more mobile and likes to explore, he's sleeping better, and he loves his mommy very very much! We have our good days and bad days, good night and bad nights, healthy weeks and weeks with colds, but overall, motherhood is definitely growing on me in ways I wouldn't have thought possible 8 months ago. Iain is such an indescribable joy to have in our family...and a joy for every lady he smiles at when we're out and about, as though they are his whole world (he doesn't smile as freely at men, for some reason).

I have recently ventured into the domestic arena of making my own babyfood. I can't believe how simple, cost-effective and delicious it is. What do I do?
- Crock-pot some meat (I've done both chicken thighs and a beef roast). - Whatever meat you might make for your family is fine, as long as there are no allergenic ingredients, and then use the leftovers for babyfood
- Mince/chop and LOOSELY pack in ice cube trays and freeze. When frozen, transfer cubes to a ziplock bag. Packing loosely is key, so that the meat cube crumbles easily when you want to serve it.
- To prepare: crumble 1 or 2 meat cubes into microwave-safe bowl. Add about a tsp. of liquid (I use rice milk or water). microwave for 20-30 sec, just til thawed. Fork-press any large lumps into bits.
- I usually add a 1-2 tbs. applesauce (for flavor), 1/3 cup baby cereal - barley or oatmeal, and an equal portion of rice milk. You can use real milk if your child isn't allergic, of course.
- Microwave mixture for 30 seconds and serve to eager baby. :)
- I've also done the ice-cube tray bit with leftover minced veggies such as asparagus and sweet potato. These can be microwaved to thaw with the meat.

Here is the result:
Iain started making these faces one evening at the dinner table and we couldn't stop laughing. He had no idea he was being funny. :)

Ireland and Brady Halls have a traditional first-snowfall-of-the-season snowball fight. This year's occured around midnight and it definitely sounded like the world was ending! (This picture doesn't do it justice, there were 100s of guys out there at its peak.)
Guess what Dad is trying to get Iain into?
Our first (homemade) family portrait. Iain had a cold and low fever, hence the ruddy cheeks. He fell asleep about 10 seconds after this picture was taken.
My little goof :) This was just after we got home from a family walk in rain/sleet. brrrrrr. Note: Iain is being held up by me, he does not even sit for long on his own, yet.
Not a great pic of me, but I had to include our little JPII. Iain was a big hit among the moms at the All Saints party because of what he's wearing on his head....you nursing mothers might guess...(hey, it was Mark's idea!) :)

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What a delightfully cute boy.