Thursday, November 6, 2008

I caved

I guess all I needed was my own permission not to post pictures in order to make me realize that I'm a sucker for sharing cute pictures of my kid. Well, here you go, world:

By the way, Iain had his 9 month check-up today. He is 23 lbs and 30.5 inches. He's also got a bit of the "preemie, big boy" syndrome: his size is hindering his delayed-due-to-prematurity gross motor skill advancement (though he could win medals for his ability to roll to get around!) But no worries, he'll catch up soon and everything else is on schedule or ahead. :)

This is at the MOA (Mall of America). Iain didn't really understand that we were trying to measure him. Apparently the store didn't get it either, as you'll notice the ruler doesn't hit the floor despite starting the measurement at zero.
Caught in the act! We really do need to keep an eye on those keys! Ok, really this was during a fire alarm drill, during which we kept out of the cold in our parked car. Incidently, the alarm went off just after Iain went down for his early evening nap and dinner was cooking. I was not a happy camper.
One of my favorite pictures. My baby is getting so big! He's happily gnawing on an apple slice.

I couldn't resist, they were $1, and he's just so cute!
Did I mention the cuteness?

Not so skilled in the sitting department. I was going for that classic Autumn shot; it didn't quite work the way it had played out in my mind.
I love this pictures. My two favorite boys!
Visions of the future? It's good to know they sell shoes this size at The Rack (Nordstrom)
The world is an exhausting place, and sometimes you just need some sleep...and even then Mom just won't let you be!


Shibidie said...

He's so cute!!! And he's getting so big. I'm a huge fan of pictures, so please keep posting them :)

Karen said...

Awww! Thanks for sharing! He is cute! Looks like the two of you, for sure :)