Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's not Fall yet...because I say so

We were cheated out of May and spring this year. It went from winter to summer and spring was a blip somewhere in mid-June. Now that it's September the weather seems to think that it's permissable to go straight into Fall...leaves turning and all. Despite digging in my heels and whining, time has not stopped and I apparently have to come to terms with the end of summer. To be honest, Fall is my favorite season, but evenso it feels dreadfully misplaced, like a snowstorm in July.

It's dismal and dreary in St Paul, today. I believe the British description of the weather is "spitting". I'm waiting around for Iain to wake up so I can feed him and get on with my day. I have errands to run. Yes, it's one of those exciting days. This evening we have an all-NET,SPO,CCR Mass to attend after which there is a pizza dinner. Unfortunately, the food is strictly RSVP and we did not, so we will BYOP(izza). This is yet another example of scheduling blunders that have afflicted our family recently. Too much to do and not enough motivation (until now?) to have a boring calendar meeting in our free time. Oh well.

Mark is thoroughly enjoying the school year thus far. Every evening we're around he slips out of the apartment to play pool in the basement with whomever happens to be around. He loves that he is getting paid, in his role as chaplain, to play pool, organize fantasy sports teams, hang out with guys, etc. With this year starting off markedly different than last year, we are considering a longer tenure here than previous jokes about babies sleeping in the bathtub and dresser drawers may not be far from the truth. We shall see... ;)

Baby's awake.


Adam A said...

An all-NET, SPO, CCR Mass? Wow.

I'm very pleased to hear my brother's keeping the British end up at pool. I showed a few Malawian pool sharks how we like to kick it London-style, mainly by virtue of horrendously good luck, it has to be said, but still.

Give Iain a big kiss and a cuddle!

Reenie said...

in my country, it poured rain all weekend, not so much of this "Spitting stuff" you speak of. Definitely makes it feel like fall, although I'm sure we've got at least a couple weeks of summery weather still coming. I refuse to think otherwise. And though I love fall, I don't love what follows it, so I'm not quite ready for fall yet.