Saturday, February 9, 2008


These are pictures from Iain's hospital stay 2/1/08 - 2/5/08. Poor Iain had to have an IV in his head. :( Fortunately, he didn't lack for hands to hold him!
Mommy and Iain.
Daddy and Iain.
Aunt Kate and Iain.
Grandma and Iain.
Grandpa and Iain.


Heidi said...

Where are the pictures of Aunt Heidi and Uncle Kevin with Iain, hmmm? Okay, so't show up. Thanks for posting the pictures, though! He's beautiful - er, strong and handsome, that is.

Maggie&Suzie said...

yup, pretty good fan base...
on a squeamish side, an IV into the head is not something i should ever see in person... might make me lightheaded. just imagining it in my own head makes me woozy.