Monday, January 21, 2008

"I have some very bad news"

...said Mark, as he walked through the door. (Don't worry, this has nothing to do with the life or health of anyone!)

"What?" I asked, not sure how serious he was.

"The office [aka Archibald storage closet] is flooding as we speak...a pipe burst."

Horror sets in, as I think of all our brand-new baby stuff, luggage, misc. boxes of odds, ends and memories all stored "safely" in Mark's basement office.

"I'll come see" I say, as I look for my shoes

"Just keep in mind," says Mark, "we have renter's insurance."

"Praise the Lord," I think, as I head toward the sound of Niagara Falls.

Outcome: As I looked at my box full of "memories" dating back to Kindergarten, now sitting in a puddle, all I can say is "well, we live in a world that is passing away."

Thank you, Lord for that reminder...none of this is "my" stuff, it's just on loan for me to use for awhile. However, on a practical level, as far as I can tell, NONE of our baby items have been damaged...a wet diaper bag? Well, those are made to get wet, right? I couldn't see, from the safe distance of the next room, how anything else faired, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Thar she blows...

Notice all 4 garbage cans full of water...these have been emptied multiple times, as they are filled with water from the smaller trash can (above photo).

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Jesse Ray said...

That is a quite a shame. Look on the bright sde, now you'll have less stuff to keep track of. We had about 6 gallons of sewer water come up through our floor drain in the basement last week, so I kinda know how you feel: All Wet.