Friday, May 25, 2007

On the move

This is Mark playing kickball with the teens at a recent youth-group event. Isn't he handsome!

On to the news at hand: Mark applied for a hall chaplain position at the University of St Thomas and we found out earlier this week that he got the job!!! Hurray! This is excellent news for us. He will remain at SPO, but in addition he will be working for UST as a chaplain which means that we will have free room/board/misc. in Ireland hall. Strange though it may seem, I am actually excited about moving back into the dorms. Let me assure you, it's not as awful as it sounds! :) We will be living in an apartment, NOT a dorm room. In addition to free room and board (utilities, laundry, internet, etc.), there are countless other benefits: a quick walk across the lawn to daily Mass, living just across the street from the women's household and a dorm away from another chaplain family who are good friends of ours, being able to exercise without the hassle of membership fees (!!!), saving a substantial amount of money for a downpayment...the list goes on. Anyway, we're thrilled! Thank you, Lord! :)

On a sad note, this does mean that Max, our beloved little man, will have to go to a new home. Unfortunately, Mark was not able to convince UST that our cat should become the new school mascot and subsequently this lack of vision means that the no-pet rule applies even to us. I am confident that there is a home out there for our toilet-trained wonder of the world. Say some prayers.


Heidi said...

Playing kickball "with the teens," hm? Does "with" in this sense mean "in the vicinity of"? (just wondering from the picture...)

Congratulations on moving back to the dorms! Sounds like spiffy fun to me. Though sorry about little man. Maybe I actually would have liked him, unlike the feral felines squabbling and yowling in my neck of the woods.

Lynne Karagoulis said...

Congrats on the job...and on Nursing Boards!...sorry to hear about the cat....can you send him to me UPS?

Maggie&Suzie said...

sounds like a great move! Sorry about the can-crapping cat though. but i'm sure you'll find him a good spot... i'd offer to take him, but the BOC might think he was lunch :) Happy June!!

Alexis said...

Wow Betsy - what a blessing! I know how impossible saving for a downpayment can seem - this is exactly what you need to really make headway! Congrats.