Friday, February 1, 2013

Worth the Hype, Quick Takes

I realize I've been MIA for months, so if anyone is around to benefit, here you are: some of my favorite things. I apologize for all you Walmart-haters. I don't exactly love the place, myself, but I have to admit  the prices are right. 

I actually got this from my mom. THANKS MOM! It has transformed my hatred of laundry into a mild distaste. Considering our growing family (size and number) this is a blessing. This contraption is next to the dryer and I dump clean laundry in as follows: 1 bag for adult clothes, 1 bag for kid clothes, 1 bag for sheets/towels/etc. When a bag is full, it's time to haul it upstairs for folding and putting away. It would be even better if my kids hadn't fallen in love with it, too and pushed it around like the crazy people they are causing all sorts of cracks and breaks in the frame. Apparently there's a steel-frame version. I may be getting one of those, down the line.

I got an off-brand one (which I couldn't find a link for) from my sister, Heidi. THANKS HEIDI! She said it was about $1. Don't bother with the "Lodge" brand $8 set, but I wanted you to see a pic of what they are. They make scraping dishes with baked-on food remnants a breeze! No more scrubbing with a dish sponge or whatnot. Love it!

14 cents a diaper and they don't leak. Need I say more?

Not only the cheapest popcorn on the market, but also the tastiest. I'm not kidding. I've been known to go to Walmart simply to stock up on this stuff. It's that good. Big, fluffy, yummy - and probably GMO laden, but let's not go there, shall we?

Brand is irrelevant. Heck, mine is probably about 30 years old; I picked it up for $4 at Goodwill. No mess and no oil needed. Guess what no oil means? I can add all the butter I want and not feel bad about it. (I originally bought it 'cause I'm lazy but I love my popcorn, and then I realized what a brilliant little machine it is!) My mother, the popcorn guru-ess, even bought one after years of the pan-on-the-stove-method and then stir-crazy devotion.

Well, that's all for today, folks. I Hope I've made someone's life a little simpler. Walmart - not as bad as it seems (and hey, where else are you guaranteed  to see at least 1 person shopping in their pajamas?)