Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting to Know You/ Quick Takes

1. This title is taken from song in "The King and I." It is the theme song for my relationship with my new MacBook Pro.

2. One of the reasons I'm excited about my new laptop is the ease with which I can post blog entries with pictures. While I could on the other laptop I was using, it was more complicated and therefore not a justifiable use of my time (according to myself).

3. Here, for your enjoyment are some of my favorites from the past few years, in ridiculously random order

Our newly landscaped/roofed/sided/painted house:
Hawaii. Beautiful, isn't it? Yes, we were there and Mark took that picture. :)
Our favorite Lydia-bear (as Mark has nicknamed her)
The younger versions of the older two, gosh it goes by fast!

The rainbow (double, actually, but not really visible in this picture) that appeared the day Marianne was baptized.
Marianne ("bee-bee Annn-eee" in Lydia-speak)
Calvin (as in ...and Hobbes) and Suzy? Dumb and Dumber? Nope, just my cheesy, wonderful children getting ready to play tennis. :)
4. My postpartum recovery is directly proportional to the re-expansion of my creativity. I become creatively-inept while pregnant; any and all creative energy is, from the moment of conception, funneled into nesting. It is refreshing to actually feel part of my brain awake from hibernation, but perhaps, especially for Mark, somewhat terrifying ("What WILL she come up with next?!) In the 2.5 months since Marianne was born, I have: dreamt up elaborate plans for a 2nd-floor deck (I think that idea has been officially laid to rest), reseeded the lawn, landscaped around the house, priced patio pavers for a patio (and perhaps driveway at some point?) and returned to daydreaming about my business venture "The Batter Bistro."

5. I guess when I complain about not being creative, what I'm actually whining about is that I'm not materially crafty. If I really think about it though, my creativity often leads to a) quality time with Mark as we do our house/yard projects together, and b) increased equity. Can't complain! :)

6. Mark came home for lunch today, as he does semi-frequently. I was commenting on how wonderful it was to see him mid-day and he responded that we really have a very high quality of life. I said "Yep, it feels like we live on the doorstep of Heaven." Praise the Lord, life is good!


Reenie said...

welcome back to the blogging world. The house looks fabulous! The children are getting soooo big! And I cannot get over how Marianne is an Iain-clone. So stinking cute. And I love that Maak, the professed disliker of red hair is getting two redheads... ahh nothing like being converted to the right way of thinking :) Happy summer!

Hannah said...

It's great to see pictures of your kids Betsy! They look just like their parents:)

Bonnie said...

Betsy, This is not the best place to post this but you don't have any contact info on your blog or profile. So this is what you get!

Thank you for the Prison Break recommendation. That and Mad Men are on the top of my list.

Also, I LOVE the movie Braveheart and so we honeymooned there so I could stand in certain places and quote dialogue. We are similar, you and I.

Lastly, Come to the Behold Conference so I can meet you! (And, you know, so you can have a beautiful weekend away being inspired, praying, celebrating...)