Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Pregnant

The Good:

- Baby is officially full-term! (38 weeks)
- Spring has finally arrived: green grass, flowers, 60-70 degrees, sunshine!
- My Mom close by and willing to rescue me when I need rescuing!
- An evening walk with the love of my life - exactly what I needed to boost my spirits!

The Bad:

- Snow is predicted for the weekend
- Living life day-to-day, unable/unwilling to make plans. (Really, I should just make plans; it would give me something controllable to look forward to!)

The Pregnant:

- Prodromal labor has been joined by nature's enema/nausea
- All this can occur hours to weeks before labor actually begins
- At my 38 wk appt today, I was told "no change" from 2 weeks ago; if anything, baby has moved up a bit (0 station).
- Waking up from a nap this afternoon, about to lose my cookies, I turned into a sobbing mess. All this waiting, wondering and "is this it-ing?" is taking its toll on me.
- I have diagnosed myself with Gestationally-induced Insanity r/t taunting labor symptoms. I've been playing this "when will she arrive?" game for 11 weeks. Now that we're in the safe-zone, I'm beyond ready to get on with it! Meanwhile, my body keeps me guessing as it throws every clue in the book (well, almost) in my direction, promising "SOON!" But, as any pregnant and eager mom knows, each day of this stage is an eternity, and I could have up to 3 more weeks of this. Happy Lent.


Fernanda said...

Make some plans for fun things you really enjoy--the sort of things you'd be disappointed to have to cancel. Some fun dates, girls night out, a concert, whatever you really enjoy. Then you can look forward to those great events. And well, if baby has other plans, then it's all good, right?

Anonymous said...

Thats great advice Fernanda! It's just no fun Betsy. I'm sorry this anticipation is wearing on you. Let me know if I can do anything!

Alexis said...

One of my favorite things about Rosie's birth (BIRTH, she DID come out) was calling and cancelling plans about 2 hours after she was born. It was a fun way to announce to myself that 'things had changed'! i'll pray for you this week - this is the worst part. Think this thought: by the time my milk expires (providing you bought it recently :)) I will have my baby.
Also, try to scrounge up enough pennies to get a pedicure. I think all pregnant woman at this stage have earned it.

Karen said...

*Groan*... it doesn't matter that you're not at 40 weeks yet... when you're ready, you're ready. Pregnant waiting is torturous. I had a major "breakdown" (aka pregnancy stress-induced day of complete depression) about 5 days before AJ was born... it felt awful. I was stillin denial that I was in labor until my water broke on my way into the hospital ("What if they send me home?"). But you can't give birth to a 2 year old, so the end has to be here soon (even though "soon" is such a useless, relative word!). I liked all of Alexis' advice... especially the milk part. You're getting lots of prayers, if you need to find a silver lining :)