Monday, December 13, 2010

What we've been up to

We've had a whirlwind past few months here at Glenhaven (as we've named the MN Archibald home).

The kiddos have reveled in lots of attention from extended family from August through the present. It's been a huge blessing having Kate live with us and various visits from my parents and Mark's brother, Adam, were highlights of the Fall.

Mark and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a wonderful 2-week trip to Hawaii in November. We were able to visit two of the islands: Oahu (the most populated) and Kauai. The trip was spectacular and Mark and I feel refreshed and renewed! My Mom and Kate stayed with the kiddos in MN, except baby Sticker who of course tagged along with us. :)

We arrived back in snow-covered MN and celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends at my Aunt's house. My parents took off that weekend and their return for Christmas can't come too soon. Iain in particular is VERY excited about the upcoming arrival of the Keisers and Fenton Grandparents.

Mark and I had the great joy of seeing our newest family member at my 20-week ultrasound. Baby Sticker is the picture of health and EXTREMELY active! Even the ultrasound tech said that she didn't see many babies that active. We were able to find out the gender, but we're keeping that "secret" until after Christmas when we will tell the rest of our family.

Various illnesses have been passing their way through our home. Lydia came down with a high fever about a week after her 15 month immunizations. She's still got a runny nose that won't quit but at least her temp and activity are normal. Iain surprised us all with his first bout of "gastroenteritis" (stomach flu or allergies; we're not quite sure) that resulted in a sleepless night for all of us - most esp. Mark who proved once again that he is an AMAZING dad! Iain's still on tiny sips of water and saltine crackers, 2 days later, having thrown up yet again this morning. He has a date with the ER and an IV if he throws up one more time, but it's looking pretty hopeful right now.

Either the same bug or pregnancy took it's toll on me last night, but we serve a merciful Lord who heard and answered my prayer and other than being tired, I haven't had any symptoms since this morning. Kate has been amazing, taking care of the kiddos today so I could get a much-needed nap.

In the midst of all this buggy excitement, we got somewhere around 17 MORE inches of snow dumped on us (there were already about 5 on the ground). It's been a fun adventure, and the snow is absolutely beautiful. The sides of our shoveled driveway (THANKS KATE!!!) reach chest-high! We are enjoying one of the benefits of living on a busy-ish road: frequent plowing.

We celebrated Gaudete Sunday by decorating for Christmas. It's our first Christmas in MN and therefore also the first year we've had our very own Christmas tree. My post-Christmas clearance ornament purchases last year resulted in a very patriotic tree, covered in silver, red and blue balls. I also have a lovely ceramic snowman ornament collection. Coincidentally, the largest of the snowmen happens to be holding an American flag. :) Perhaps my subconscious is trying to say something to my British-citizen husband? ;)

There, that brings us up to the present. We are all in the downstairs family room watching the Vikings "home game" being played in Detroit after the Minneapolis Metrodome's roof collapsed from the snow.

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