Friday, June 25, 2010

Falling off the wagon...bump, bump, bump

So, like any diet or lifestyle change, as I'm hoping the case will be, I've fallen off the wagon of my routine. The house still looks O.K., the laundry is getting done a load at a time and the bills are being paid on an ongoing as-needed basis (in otherwords, as they arrive). However, the sheen is gone from the floor, the bathtub has sand in it from a family outing to the beach and the cobwebs are reportedly appearing in the family room windows.

So, like any good dieter, I am ignoring this state of affairs and am blogging while sipping coffee from a beautiful teacup. The tea set was recently given to me after being rescued by a close's a long story. Anyway, I found it on Amazon:

Nice, eh? It came to me in all it's original packaging, apparently never having seen the light of day. It's a beautiful blue pattern that goes well with our decor, but not that of my friend's, so she thought of me. Hurray! Not to mention, since I've been married I've wanted a tea set and have had my eyes peeled at Goodwill, particularly for a sugar bowl and creamer. Now I have a whole matching set! I feel like I'm 6 and I need to have a tea party with my dolls. Something tells me Iain and Lydia wouldn't make great tea company, yet. No dolls or truly 6-year-old Betsy's around, so I'm making do with my coffee. I feel so refined. :)

In other news, as you may have heard, "they" say that smell is the sense most strongly linked to memory (or something like that). Some of my favorite "cozy" smells come from my maternal Grandparents' home: coffee and soap. Coffee - check!, Soap - well, no, but I found the smell! - Bath and Body Works "Sea Island Cotton" line. I am addicted to their lotion. I have it sitting in front of me on the table, having just slathered it all over my slightly sun-burned legs (note to self: just because my mexican friend can bake in the sun doesn't mean my freckled self can do the same! - in case you're gasping in horror, I kept 80% of me in the shade and only my lower legs in the sun, hoping to rid myself of my legs' pasty whiteness...I know, I know, just because we're all going to die of cancer doesn't mean I need to pull out the welcome mat. I will be sticking with my sunblock regime from here on out.) Back to the point, Sea Island Cotton - I'm in love. It was also nice that the day we were at B&BW, they were having a sale on their little lotions 3/$10 and also handing out coupons for spend $10, get a large lotion free. Bonus! We must have looked ridiculous, running around with our noses in all sorts of smelly lotions. 4 different lotions and $10 later, we're a happy family. Me esp, with my beloved Sea Island Cotton. I also highly recommend "Japanese Cherry Blossom" for the special occasion. It smells like a date (uh, not the fruit, the get-all-dressed-up-and-go-out-with-your-guy kind). :)

Ah blog, you are a wonderful way to procrastinate. I am sad to say that I really must get back to work. The floors won't shine themselves (espcially now that Lydia's crawling and pulling herself up to stand!!! rather than rolling around). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tea set, and another wonderful post. Hope you're all doing well. I vote for more time with the kids and the tea set (and wonderful smelling lotions), and less worry about the state of the house... but then you are well-acquainted with the results of that here. (How's that for motivation?) It's been far too long since we've seen you all (ESPECIALLY Lydia, who's twice as old now as she was last time we saw her!!!). Love you all!!! -- Mom/Grandma

Leila said...

Hi Betsy,

I forgot to answer your question about spray paint over on my blog, and just in case you don't go back and check the comments, I thought I'd find you here!

I have used all kinds, and it depends on the project -- if it is metal, it's not good to use the cheap stuff, but if you are just touching some wood up in the same color, don't waste your money.

I like Rustoleum and I like the Lowe's brand, Valspar. They have some really nice colors! The shelf in my kitchen above the fireplace is the aqua blue Valspar, the ironing board in the pantry -- the legs -- is their orange -- and the stools (and a bed in the guest room wait until you see!!) I did in red. There are two bright reds, and the darker one of those two is just my favorite color. Deep, bright, dark, true blood red! Exciting.