Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garage Sale Bliss


No, I haven't reverted back to middle school (though in my day, that phrase didn't yet exist).

Rather, that's how my email to Angelique started, because, let's just be honest, that's about all I could manage to type as the shock/awe settled in. I was emailing her to ask if she'd like to join me for the city-wide 88 home garage sale event in a town 20 minutes south of us. This was 1 day after I mentioned that I would keep my internet eyes peeled for upcoming garage sales, having no idea that such a windfall was just days away.

Yes folks, 88 homes, with a map and brief description of what they're selling.

We were out for a few hours today, kids and all. She and I both found some awesome deals.

I came away spending a grand total of $13.60 and got the following:

- a Lawn spreader = 50 cents!!!!!!!! - yes, it's dirty and a bit rusty, but it'll do just fine!
- a Teach And Talk Laptop for Iain (works, batteries thrown in to prove it) = $3
- a toy cowboy hat = 10 cents
- 3 sleepers for Lydia = 50, 50 and 75 cents
- A sun hat for Lydia = 25 cents
- 2 brand new pairs of tights for Lydia = 50 cents each
- a summer top for Lydia = 50 cents
- a new-in-the-package potty/step stool = $5
- Once Upon a Potty book for Iain = $1
- 2 Corduroy books = 25 cents each

I didn't find the sacred cow - a wheelbarrow - but I don't doubt I'll stumble across it sooner or later. And hey, 50 cents for a lawn spreader is enough to make me blink back happy tears.

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