Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Iain!

Now that it's Iain's 1st birthday, I'm finally getting the Christmas pictures posted. Maybe if we're lucky I'll have his birthday pictures up by Easter. ;)

Iain opening his first present:
Iain helping to open another present
Iain enjoying his present. Hey wrapping paper's part of it, right?
Iain wearing one of his Chirstmas presents. Guess which parent chose that outfit for him (I'll give you a hint, it wasn't me!) :)
What are socks for, anyway?
The newest addition to the Keiser family! Monica Elizabeth
Another one of Heidi's babies. You can check out her website at: (yes, that's a shameless plug.) :)
My two favorite guys, hanging out at home.
This is what happens when you give a baby a bowl of Cheerios, in hopes that the giant size of the bowl will contain them sufficiently. I guess not. There may have been 2 that actually found their way into his stomach. ???

Who knew how fast a year could go? We're not officially celebrating Iain's birthday until Saturday, but I will definitely post those wonderful cake-filled pictures after that.
And our house...
We have our final inspection tomorrow morning. I know, most people only have 1 home inspections, but we're special. :) ...or maybe the city didn't get the water turned on in time for the first one. Anyway, here's to hoping that the winterizing worked and we won't walk into a flooded home. yikes!
If all is good, than we'll continue to move forward and hopefully close around March 6. The plan is to continue to live here at UST until Mark's job ends at the close of the school year. We'll use those couple of months to do work on the house, without having to live in construction. Hurray! :) Our plan for the house includes painting the entire first floor, knocking through a wall, reflooring the kitchen, painting the cabinets, refinishing existing hardwood, replacing windows, furnace and water heater...umm, what have I forgotten, oh yeah, and remodeling the bathroom.
Does that sound ambitious enough? :) Please keep us in your prayers!


Reenie said...

I love the pics, esp the one of Maak and Iain with their matching faces. very cute.

the house sounds exciting, though you may want to scale back the remodeling plans just a tad. that's a lot of work to try to get done in a short time :) what fun though. If I were closer I'd volunteer to help... as it is, draft Angelique :)

Jesse Ray said...

Hurray! Happy Birthday Cute Little Man.