Sunday, August 12, 2007

We've moved

Mark and I have nearly settled into our new home in Ireland Hall, on the campus of the University of St. Thomas. Aside from innumerable little things that I can't find places for, such as votive candle holders, Christmas decorations, picture albums, etc....we're all moved in. As soon as I do find a home for all that stuff, I'll take a few pictures of our new place for your enjoyment.

So far, we love living here. It's no Alaskan cruise (Mitzel's) ;) but I do occasionally feel like we're living at an all-inclusive (though perhaps sub-standard) hotel - not a bad feeling, believe me! I mentioned that to Mark and he laughed and asked when I thought the maid was going to show up. Har, har.

I am so thankful that this is not our first living arraignment as a married couple. I am absolutely sure that had it been, I wouldn't appreciate the value of each of the added perks that comes with living here. For example, our first week here, I did 4 loads of laundry, which was about 2x the normal volume, not because I absolutely needed to, but because I was so excited that it wasn't costing me $2.25 per load. I never would have guessed that I would do laundry with wild abandon simply because I could. Talk about the simple pleasures in life.

I also learned, rather quickly, that simply because we have free cable TV doesn't mean that it needs to be turned on, and further, having 75 channels is no guarantee that there's anything worth watching.

The one and only bump-in-the-road that I've hit was discovering, half-way through making our first dinner here, that the oven racks, which were here until the apartment was cleaned 2 days prior to our arrival, are MIA. Roasting pork in an oven with no racks proved to be an adventure, but I made it work, with 4 small corning ware dishes holding the pan above the heating element. The pan only slipped 4 times, and somehow the roast never bugged an inch off the pan (Thank you, Lord!). I don't think I'd be so lucky with cookies, so those will have to wait until I can find new racks.

Oh, on a different note, Mark and I went to my first official prenatal visit this past week. Everything looks great and we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat loud and clear at about 160 bpm (very healthy!). We are planning to find out baby's gender at our next ultrasound, which is yet to be scheduled, but usually happens around 20 weeks. Obviously, right now we can only guess, but I'm thinking it's a it a mother's intuition (I guess we'll see how on-target that intuition stuff is.) :)

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