Friday, July 13, 2007

Baby's first picture!

Mark joined me for my first ultrasound, this morning. I'm 7 weeks, 1 day along and baby measured exactly that. Hurray! We got to hear our little guy's heartbeat, nice and strong at 152 beats per minute. For those of you who aren't ultrasound picture savy, the baby is the oblong shape on the left, and the round ball on the right is the yolk sac.
I continue to feel absolutely wonderful, some tiredness aside. We're so thrilled to have been able to see our baby, as I was getting a little anxious about feeling so great. (Although I hear sometimes morning sickness holds off til week 8...I'll keep you posted.)
Praise the Lord for his wonderful blessings to us!


Alexis said...

Awww....she has your...uh...little gray blob!

Karen said...