Monday, March 12, 2007

Is your 8-month-old potty-trained?

Ok, perhaps I failed to mention that it's an 8-month-old cat. Max, our loveable ball of fur, is well on his way to using the big-boy toilet. For the first time, just today, we heard a couple of beautiful "plops" as the, uh, stuff hit the water. It was the sweet sound of no more litter boxes to clean, no litter dust coating the floor, etc. Before I mislead you, I should admit that we're probably still a few days away from complete freedom from litter. Currently, there is a foil tray with a 5-inch diameter hole cut out of the middle sitting in our toilet. It began with no hole and litter, next there was a 2-inch hole with less litter, and now larger hole, still less litter. This allows Max to slowly adjust by a) balancing 2 paws on the toilet seat b) hearing the splash of the water c) not being able to bury anything when he's done. The next step is a larger hole, which will encourage him to balance entirely on the toilet seat. Hopefully it will be a success! I will be sure to keep you posted. In case you think we're completely nuts (though I won't deny it) there are others who are leading a litter-free existence, ex:

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Maggie&Suzie said...

you are a strange strange woman.
what can i say, if i had to pick one friend who would toilet train a cat, i would have picked you ;) and in a strange way, i'm excited for you :D especially since i'm working on an embarrassing project of my own involving two black dogs...